Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Blues and Rockies

As I look back in 2012, two key themes flow my mind - the blue waters and the magnificent mountain landscapes spread across the vistas of Hawaii Islands and the Colorado Rockies.

I will first start with the Hawaii Islands.All four islands - Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and The Big Island, have something interesting to offer, beyond the popular waters and beaches.

The volcanoes at the center of The Big Island fills one up with the sheer experience of the dynamic hot spot activity our planet's core spits out. One gets amazed with the beautiful well carved black lava that has cooled over time. It feels great to get a chance to walk over the crater that last erupted 50 years ago.

The beauty takes a different turn as one heads north-east to the island to be greeted by some amazing waterfalls and green valleys.

Maui offers one of the best known waters and beaches. Definitely, a place to spend for relaxing care-free vacation. The dunes seen on its dormant crater also offer another beauty spot.

Oahu has unique mix of  crowded city life in its south and quite beautiful valley views in its north. The famous LOST TV Series was shot on this island.

Lush vegetation, inner waterfalls and Napali coast views defines the beauty of Kauai. It contains the wettest spot on earth. This island can by viewed by air, land, or the waters. All the three forms provide a unique wonderful way to look at the island. Kauai is known for movies such as Jurassic Park.

The Colorado Rockies takes one on a different scenic journey. The Rocky Mountains National Park is known for great high vista points and the Bear Lake. 

Rocky Mountains - 12,000 ft view
Reflections of the Bear Lake

As one moves south on the Scenic Byways of the Rockies, they are greeted with jaw dropping scenics of the Independence Pass, Maroon Bells, etc.

Independence Pass Summit
Maroon Bells
This is all I've experienced in the beauty of Colorado so far and I feel there is still a lot the Colorado has to offer.

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